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Steam Trading cards

Share your secrets about trading cards, do you keep them? sell them? trade them for other cards?
Do you find it better to level up your profile or cash in the cards?

Also general card thread.


  • Well i'll be happy to share my secret about trading cards!!
    first of all i try to get a maximum of games added to my account especially the ones with trading cards, & more than that i create alternative accounts to farm cards on them, after that i collect the maximum number of cards & when the Summer sale & Holiday sales is soon i use Steam Trade Matcher & form all cards into sets, & when the sale starts i craft badges to level up my accounts & by crafting 1 badge you will get 1 sale card & 1 emoji & 1 BG, & by selling the sale cards & turning the emojis & BGs into gems and form sacks & sell them on market, you will get profit from trading cards, & this method is better than selling them all on the market, so you will economize time & get a little bit more profit & of course higher steam level ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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